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Signature Workshops

All of our 2021/2022 signature workshops listed below include important core content that families need to know about the financial aid system. This content will evolve and change beginning in the 3rd quarter of the year because of the new FAFSA rules which will go into effect in October 2023.

Paying For College Without Going Broke

Explore the complex world of need-based and merit based financial aid. Parents and students will learn strategies for lowering their EFC (Expected Family Contribution), the new FAFSA rules, and tips for optimizing college admissions and scholarships.

A Parent’s Guide on How to Pay For College

This workshop will introduce the various financial aid options and focus on some of the biggest college planning mistakes families should avoid. It will also reveal unique techniques to reduce the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) with the new FAFSA rules that can save thousands on college costs.

How to Reduce College Costs: Strategies You Need to Know

This workshop introduces little-known financial strategies parents can use to reduce college costs, improve admissions chances, and increase scholarship opportunities. Learn income, asset, and borrowing tools as well as the new FAFSA rules and how they will impact what you pay for college.

Insider’s Guide on the College Planning Process

This workshop focuses on the financial strategies that families can use to afford college and how the new FAFSA rules will impact them. Families will learn how to compare the net price of college instead of the sticker price and other important college planning techniques.

Specialty Workshops

Specialty workshops are available to you after booking one or more of our signature workshops. In these deep-dive webinars, families will learn about specific areas of college financial aid and how they can benefit from them.

The Art of the Appeal

Now more than ever, colleges are more willing to say “yes” to appeals for more financial aid and scholarship money for both new and returning students. This webinar provides detailed guidance for families on how to appeal for more financial aid and how to improve the likelihood of a successful appeal.

Scholarships, Grants & Loans

This workshop will uncover the best college cost-reduction strategies and reveal little-known asset, borrowing, and savings methods. Learn insider information on scholarships, grants, and loans to help make your college planning both successful and affordable.

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